Hotel Booking System by GME

Frequesntly Asked Questions (FAQ)

This collection of frequently asked questions (FAQ) provides brief answers to many common questions about the GME - Hotel Booking System Setup, Features, and Tutorials. It also provides links to more detailed information available from this web site.


1.1 What is HBS?
1.2 How does HBS work?

2.1 How much does it cost?
2.2 How to register for a free account?
2.3 Will HBS provide me more customers?
2.4 I do not have a domain name yet. Can I use HBS?
2.5 I have a domain name but I do not have a website yet. Can I use HBS?
2.6 I have my own website. How can I use HBS?
2.7 My website is still under construction. Can I use HBS?
2.8 I am using Facebook Pages as my hotel site. Can I use HBS?
2.9 How does HBS collect booking payments?
2.10 I have a PayPal account, can the payments directly go into my PayPal account?
2.11 I have a credit card terminal, how do I charge the customer when they make bookings?
2.12 What is a Booking Voucher? 2.13 How to assign rooms to confirmed bookings?
2.14 How to allocate rooms for online booking and agents? 2.15 How to cancel bookings?
2.16 How to check booking attempts (success and failed attempts)?
2.17 How to pay GME (USD$1.00 per booking)?
2.18 How many bookings can I accept?
2.19 How many administrator accounts can I create?
2.20 How to view online bookings?
2.21 How to manage room status?
2.22 How to register agents?
2.23 How to request for support?
2.24 Where is my data stored?
2.25 Is my customer database shared with other hotels or marketing companies?
2.26 How to run promotion campaigns?


3.1 What is an Affiliate?
3.2 How to make money as an Affiliate?
3.3 When do I get paid?